Our vision is to facilitate a quality tourism and or residential development that embraces the Tiwi culture and natural resources of the Islands.

Tourism and Residential

The project will be a sustainable business model that will benefit the Tiwi people through the creation of jobs, training and a stimulated local economy.

The Land Development Corporation, in response to Tiwi Land Council feedback, commissioned project consultants Cardno to undertake investigations and identify concepts that explored tourism and residential ‘weekender’ style developments on the Islands.


The Malawu “Weekender” residential development concept is intended to create a discrete, luxury residential community, set within the natural beauty of North Bathurst Island. A low scale, environmentally responsive built form is proposed to be developed within a secluded and elevated area of North Bathurst Island, facing north to afford spectacular views out to the ocean. The long white sand beach and cliffs form the perfect backdrop for this development. A proposed boat ramp location could provide water access for the fishing

The concept would cater for semi-permanent residents comprising the local weekend and domestic tourist recreational market.


Two amazing sites have been showcased for tourism development. Wulirankuwu (Cape Lavery) is situated to the north of Milikapiti on Melville Island. An area to the west of the Cape was selected as the preferred location for this type of development due to its prominent coastal views and proximity to existing tourist attractions and infrastructure.

Wurankuwu (North) is situated to the west of Ranku on Bathurst Island. The site is located adjacent to a beach which has high scenic amenity, and to the south of the site the wetlands provide opportunity for wild boar hunting.


The Wurankuwu and the Wulirankuwu ‘Cabin’ concept are to create resort style accommodation with the convenience of communal facilities including a bar and restaurant, swimming pool and the services of housekeeping and room service.

The ‘cluster style’, 1 and 2 bedroom, private cabins are proposed to be set adjacent beachs, close to walking tracks and accessible to fishing and cultural activities, making it the ideal holiday location.

The addition of a Helicopter Pad, would mean this accommodation and location would be easily accessible from both Darwin and other areas of the Islands, making it a tourist ‘hotspot’.