Visitor Centre at Wurruminyanga


The project is ahead of schedule at this state, but due to locked in dates of various contractors, barges, tides etc., the project will still need to run to our orihinal program. If it seems at times that nothing is happening on site, it may well be that we are waiting for one of the above reasons. Hammering piles is one operation that will be very dependent on the right tides.

We have completed training for Tiwi Enterprises staff that will be working on this project, being slinging operations, working at heights, elevated work platform, confined spaces, first aid and various vehicle licensing.

We have Tiwi staff on this project, but mention-able has is Sebby operating the roller and heavy machinery for building the pads on both sides of the Strait, Killian for operating the Bobcat and being the go to person, Joseph for operating the concrete agitator truck.

– Mark Muller, Operations Manager
Tiwi Enterprises